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Client Reviews

Starting quoteAs a startup company on a limited budget, we turned to Patrick to help us understand and pursue a complex intellectual property portfolio consisting of over a dozen patent applications that we intended to license from another entity. Patrick helped clarify the purpose of each application and explained the ongoing prosecution of several of the applications. Patrick also advised us on the applicability of several competing pieces of intellectual property. This knowledge strengthened our position and allowed us to successfully negotiate a license agreement that both we as the licensee and the licensor were happy with.Ending quote

Photo of Tony Pervan

Tony Pervan

Venture Associate
Dillon Kane Group

Starting quoteI would recommend Patrick to anyone/ everyone who is looking for a great patent lawyer! He knows what he is doing, and works hard to master what the client is looking for. I gave him a recipe of what I wanted, he took that recipe, worked with it, added to it, and turned it into a master piece. He works hard, and is fair with his pricing. Patrick not only has that 'big firm' background/ expertise, but he is great to work with on a smaller level for people like me, who are novice inventors.Ending quote

Photo of Meghan DeNoyer

Meghan DeNoyer

Independent Inventor

Starting quoteI've never dealt with any patent attorney that brings more to the table than Patrick. Drafting and filing patent applications does not even begin to explain the value that he, and his firm, can offer a company. He takes on responsibilities that aren't even his and is one of the sharpest and most intelligent people I have ever collaborated with. I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick on many occasions and every time, I do less work because he gets it. He gets the work, the project, the scope, and the commercial realities. He brings an invaluable perspective to our intellectual capital strategy and he is an pleasure to work with.Ending quote

Photo of Dugan O'Keene

Dugan O'Keene

Concept Development Engineer - Eyewear

Starting quotePlease note that Patrick has not asked me to write this recommendation; nor have I written many at all in total. I am doing so on my own because I am so happy with Patrick and his work. I started working with Patrick in 2010, and have been working with him consistently ever since. When you hire Patrick to help you file your patent(s), you end up finding out that you've also got someone who, without asking, helps you develop a strategic long-term plan for your intellectual property portfolio. If you are not a large business, you also find that Patrick provides direction you didn't know you needed to search for. Patrick is capable of deep critical thinking in areas outside of legal, and you will be impressed with how quickly he understands the material you need to protect. Patrick is able to provide creative insights which can serve as inspiration to your future product development. When I have an important question on anything, I know Patrick is a great person to talk to, and if he doesn't have my answer, he knows the person that does. For your legal needs, you can consider Patrick one of the most important contacts you will ever need.Ending quote

Photo of Adam Sheldon

Adam Sheldon

Bionic Trader Systems, LLC

Starting quoteI feel extremely fortunate to have come across Patrick as early as I did in my search for a patent attorney. From the initial meeting I received a sense that Patrick had a very personal approach to working with his clients and was not looking at simply obtaining another client from whom he could extract business. Given that style, in addition to his tremendous experience, I felt extremely comfortable listening to Patrick's thoughts and recommendations w/ respect to my ideas, albeit not all of which I was happy to hear at first. In the end I truly believe his guidance helped me save a substantial amount of time, not to mention money, in helping to refine my overly broad concepts into those which are truly valuable and protectable. In addition, I have been able to lean on Patrick's expertise in other business/legal areas to help negotiate a lucrative agreement not related to our business together. I will definitely continue to use Patrick for all of my IP related needs and will recommend others to consider him as well.Ending quote

Photo of Brady Peterson

Brady Peterson

Independent Inventor

Starting quoteIconic Revolution is a product development firm based in Chicago. We are fortunate to have found Patrick Richards because he provides us with the same attention as the fortune 500 companies that he works with. He expands our knowledge about patents and our strategy on claims. His flat-fee arrangement encourages us to contact him with questions and maintains our project budgets. Patrick's work ethics have proven beneficial to us in a way that I have never appreciated before. He is always reachable and responds quickly to our concerns. I would recommend Patrick Richards for all of these reasons and more.Ending quote

Photo of Jill Pai

Jill Pai

Marketing Director
Iconic Revolution

Starting quoteI couldn't have been any luckier than to find Patrick to assist me with my intellectual property needs. This was a new experience for me, and from the minute we finished our introductory phone call, I knew Patrick would be the man for the job. He offered a ton of insight into how the patent application process works, and what the best strategies were for me. As time went on, Patrick began to do some out-of-the-box thinking. It felt as if he was personally involved with my application, and wanted put forth the very best efforts to ensure the strongest patent for my business. I've enjoyed working with Patrick very much, and I look forward to sharing news about our success with him, knowing that he was a big part of it.Ending quote

Photo of Matthew Lee Rosen

Matthew Lee Rosen

Beertag, LLC

Starting quoteIn my career as architect, industrial designer, entrepreneur, design consultant and educator, I have had opportunity to work with many experts in the field of intellectual property. I can safely say that there are many attorneys out there who are trained to write and file patents and trademarks. But you will quickly realize that the real value in a patent or a trademark lies in what you do with it, and this is where most IP attorney experiences break down. Patrick is an exception. Rather than simply treating a patent as an isolated object, he has worked with me, and with those I have referred to him, to understand what we hope to achieve with the patent, and provides insights on how to realize its fullest potential. In a world crowded with IP attorneys who simply execute, Patrick executes, plans and helps you strategize. Patrick is an IP Advisor, and I'm delighted to recommend him to you.Ending quote

Photo of Hemmant Jha

Hemmant Jha

Design Director
IA Collaborative

Starting quoteWhen I decided that it was time to file my patent, I chose to consult Patrick first because his website articulated the vision of what I wanted my ideal patent attorney to be. As an outsider to the world of intellectual property, I had no other basis on which to make that decision. To my delight, he was able to assimilate the complex mechanical and anatomic details of my medical device during our initial consultation. Now a year and a half later I can further say that Patrick's drive, integrity, and passion for his craft are evident in every interaction that I have had with him - without exception. I have had the opportunity to network with a number of Patrick's other clients since I filed with him, and whether they are newbie's like myself or seasoned businessmen, we all have the same admiration of Patrick's approach to our unique problems. What makes Patrick special is that he combines creativity and enthusiasm with a knowledge of the world of IP that is as detailed as it is vast. If this is your first time filing a patent, I can assure you that this journey will be both difficult and exhilarating, but Patrick will be there for you every step of the way. If this is your 50th patent, Patrick will suggest practical improvements to your IP strategy that will make you wish that you had hired him earlier. There is simply no better person to take your next big idea to.Ending quote

Photo of Chris Heddon

Chris Heddon

Owner and Co-founder
Resonance Medical Technologies

Starting quotePatrick has provided expert counsel as my patent attorney for my first invention. Every single question I have, I know I can count on Patrick to know the answer immediately and explain it to me simply and clearly. There is no doubt that he keeps my best interest in mind. Patrick will see that my intellectual property is protected and as profitable as it can be.Ending quote

David Quattro

Independent Inventor

Starting quoteRichards Patent Law has provided excellent advice on patents and company branding to my company. American DollHouses is a new start-up company and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Richards Patent Law. Most importantly I have found Patrick to be free with information. He provides true advice and recommendations. He is not a "yes man," but a lawyer with integrity that clearly and honestly provides you with intelligent information and dialog for protecting you product and company's identity. I highly recommend Patrick Richards of Richards Patent Law.Ending quote

Starting quotePatrick Richards is a gifted attorney whom I recommend both on a professional and a personal basis. He has a unique understanding of complex technological processes and the ability to translate that information to clients in a way they can appreciate and understand. His experience speaks for itself, but my recommendation is most heavily influenced by Patrick's character, which is solid. He is a competent, responsible person who takes his work seriously. He aims to do the best job he can for others and to include them in the process, so that it is a learning lesson that will build toward a lasting relationship. I have referred a number of clients to Patrick who have provided positive feedback, reinforcing my confidence in his work. It is an incredible bonus to find an attorney who cares and can get the job done, and as a result, I highly recommend Patrick Richards.Ending quote

Marci Rolnik

Legal Director
The Lawyers for the Creative Arts

Starting quoteI have worked closely with Patrick on the research, development and implementation of several patent and trademark applications. His work is exceptionally thorough, and the insight he provides is helpful beyond the technical elements of the process. I truly consider RPL to be a partner in my business.Ending quote

Brad Lowe

Owner and CEO
Lowe Custom Guitars

Starting quoteI hired Patrick to complete a patent infringement analysis and write a Letter of Opinion based on this research. I was very happy with Patrick's work, his price for this service, and his general availability and straight-forward attitude about law. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a patent attorney.Ending quote

Starting quoteAttempting to put into words the passion, integrity, commitment and knowledge demonstrated by Patrick does not do justice to the superb work and guidance that he has shown me and my partner throughout our journey, from the patent filing process to the steep learning curve of bringing a medical device to market. Patrick is an unending source of support, resources and intellect coupled with a constant enthusiasm and drive to succeed. I feel honored to have Patrick as our patent lawyer and am ever-grateful of his dedication to our goals. From the onset, Patrick makes your journey his own and completes every milestone, both joyous and difficult, with you. His genuine persona fosters mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders, thus driving the success of any project. I would recommend Patrick's services to any individual searching for a dedicated, resourceful and trustful patent lawyer. And I remain truly thankful that I can depend on Patrick for all of my IP needs.Ending quote

Allison Hebron

Cofounder and Operations Manager
Resonance Medical Technologies

Starting quoteIntelligent, fair and, energetically ambitious is how I would describe Patrick. A good patent lawyer that has multi-disciplinary talent is hard to come by. Having been through bad referrals before, I decided to venture out of the inner circle of our business lawyers; I am glad we took the leap of faith and challenged the status quo. Patrick is a great bet that I'll take every time.Ending quote

Michael Wenger

Quality Logo Products, Inc.