Behind the Idea: Everpurse

Liz and Dan Salcedo, founders of Everpurse®, share the story behind their ingenious invention — a purse that miraculously recharges an iPhone.

Everpurse, Inc. is a Chicago-based technology company that provides leading solutions in the marriage of fashion and technology.

Founder Liz Salcedo realized the need for a better external charging solution when the demands of her job as a social worker outpaced the battery life of her phone. Working with her technology entrepreneur husband, Liz developed a fashion-forward accessory for charging phones without the inconvenience of tangle-prone cords. The result was Everpurse®, an elegant clutch-sized pouch that provided all-day power, wire-free.


Since its inception, Everpurse® has grown both as a company and as a product. In a recent collaboration with Kate Spade, the Everpurse® technology appeared in larger tote bag styles as well as wallet-sized wristlets. The technology itself has also evolved with the new Smart Pocket™ docking system, which provides a seamless transition from charging to using and back to charging.


Everpurse’s® innovation has proven itself with the professional women it intended to serve. Recognizing that a technology-driven accessory cannot be separated from the aesthetics of its design, Everpurse® continues to pursue the highest quality of fashion while improving the power and convenience of its solutions. But despite its name, purses are only the beginning for this company. RPL values the opportunity to support Everpurse’s® innovation.

IP Strategy

Everpurse’s® IP portfolio includes both design and utility patents along with US and international trademarks. The charging system is covering by an issued US utility patent while the design of the charging mat is covered by an issued US design patent. Everpurse has trademark registrations for its name in the US and China. Everpurse continues to purse patent protection for its innovations and branding.


“Building a radically new product in a new and fast growing industry required top level IP guidance and we’re delighted to have trusted Patrick and his team with all our needs in this area. We rarely make critical product development decisions without the input of PRL and it has both created incalculable value for our firm as well as saved us from key mistakes.”

-Dan and Liz Salcedo