Behind the Idea: GoSili

Michigan-based GoSili™ is bringing to market the next generation of fun to use silicone-based tableware with its Silikids® and Siliskin® product lines.

GoSili™, with its Silikids® and Siliskin® brands, is a Michigan-based company that provides functional and engaging silicone alternatives to plastic wares found in the kitchen.

GoSili has been inviting its customers to “Go Sili” since 2006, when two moms, Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab, launched the company in an effort to avoid the hazards of glass, plastic and paper tableware. The solution was food-grade silicone, a lightweight, non-breakable, non-toxic and reusable material that was flexible enough to adapt to existing tableware and sturdy enough to stand on its own.


The Silikids® product line includes products that are as appealing to kids as they are kid-friendly. Its tableware comes in bright color combinations, and a silicone placemat is even safe for coloring on. With its creative fusion of design and function, the Silikids® product line demonstrates the potential for sophisticated innovation in the kids product category.

But adults can go sili too. A seriously strong silicone cup acts as an alternative to plastic outdoor tableware and can also provide durable portability when paired with one of Silikids’® universal lids.


Going against the overwhelming prevalence of glass, plastic and paper in the tableware category isn’t easy, but GoSili recognizes the importance of doing so. RPL is proud to serve a company that shows families a better, safer way.

IP Strategy

GoSili has applied for numerous design and utility patents for its products, and has a growing trademark portfolio covering the full range of its product offerings. GoSili holds issued US design patents for baby bottle covers, knee pads, cup lids, spoons and bibs. It holds an issued US utility patent for impact-resistant casing for breakable containers.

Client Testimonial

“When we talk about how valuable our team members are, Patrick and his team are at the top of the list. As a consumer product company, it is imperative our products hold the protection necessary to support our brand and company growth. The RPL team has been an integral part of building our patent portfolio allowing us to do just that. The patent strategy they bring to the table gives GoSili an added advantage in product development and protection. Patrick’s knowledge and guidance are top notch and we are incredibly lucky to have his expertise!”

-Stacey and Giuliana