What can Richards Patent Law do for you?


You don’t need us to describe your invention; you need us to define your invention. There is an innovative concept that is bigger than your specific product. We can help you find the core concept and protect it so you maintain ownership of all of the inventions that flow from your concept. Our goal is to show you your own invention as you’ve never seen it. We want our experienced perspective to inspire you and drive the value of your intellectual property further than you will get without us.

For Entrepreneurs and Inventors

You have an idea, one you’re really excited about. You may not know exactly where to start, but we can walk you through the process. We can help you identify protectable aspects of your invention and help you determine whether you are free to practice your invention without infringing another intellectual property owner’s rights. We can give you clear guidance to help you evaluate your strategy for moving forward. Call us to move your invention from your notebook (or napkin sketches!) to the patent office.

For Start-ups

The strength of your new business is your innovation. We can help you identify, define and protect your patentable inventions to secure your competitive advantage. We can also help connect you to other valuable attorneys that can help you with all of your business needs, from business formation, financing, corporate transactions and agreements, etc. Call us as you start your business and we will protect your intellectual property rights and help you find the highest quality and best value legal services that match your specific budget and needs.

For Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Your business is maturing, but you need help protecting your inventions and innovations. We can provide you a clear path for your intellectual property strategy and management. We know how to walk you through making the best decisions and provide the insight needed to identify your core and periphery intellectual property to focus appropriate levels of attention to each. Call us to benefit from our  experienced, practical, and creative strategy guiding your intellectual property processes.

For Large Businesses

You use outside counsel for your patent matters, but you struggle to get their highest quality involvement in your matters within your budget. Your counsel either churns out paint-by-numbers patents within your budget or provides the quality service you need, but at a cost beyond its value. It isn’t entirely your lawyer’s fault. We know because we’ve been on that side of the table. Richards Patent Law was founded specifically to provide the highest quality intellectual property counseling without the organizational constraints and obstacles your attorney faces. Send your critical inventions to us and we will protect your key strategic inventions for a fixed fee that fits your budget.