GoSili Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for a Silicone To Go Coffee Cup

100% silicone, microwave and dishwasher safe, sturdy to go cup. Stop the excessive waste of plastic and paper disposables. GoSili!

Date iconMarch 31, 2017

RPL client, GoSili, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new, patent pending, 100% silicone coffee cup and lid. Among other advantages, GoSili wants to change the “take and toss” culture and ultimately prevent all the excess waste.

Because the cup is made from 100% silicone, the cup: (i) is non-toxic; (ii) doesn’t break down easily or leach like plastic; (iii) is microwave and dishwasher safe; (iv) is resistant to extreme temperatures (you can boil it!); and (v) is endlessly reusable.

All of these benefits follow from the use of 100% silicone. But 100% silicone has a major limitation when used as a cup or other similar vessel—it is flexible. Flexibility is great, until you grab your cup, squeeze it a little too hard, the body deforms, and you spill everywhere. GoSili has solved this problem and made a completely usable “to go” cup by imbedding a steel ring into its rim. The steel ring stabilizes the shape of the rim, enables a tight and secure fit with a silicone lid, and remains entirely microwave safe.

Check out the video below and then head over to Kickstarter and back the GoSili silicone to go coffee cup!