Client Review: Adam Sheldon

Owner; Bionic Trader Systems, LLC

Starting quotePlease note that Patrick has not asked me to write this recommendation; nor have I written many at all in total. I am doing so on my own because I am so happy with Patrick and his work. I started working with Patrick in 2010, and have been working with him consistently ever since. When you hire Patrick to help you file your patent(s), you end up finding out that you’ve also got someone who, without asking, helps you develop a strategic long-term plan for your intellectual property portfolio. If you are not a large business, you also find that Patrick provides direction you didn’t know you needed to search for. Patrick is capable of deep critical thinking in areas outside of legal, and you will be impressed with how quickly he understands the material you need to protect. Patrick is able to provide creative insights which can serve as inspiration to your future product development. When I have an important question on anything, I know Patrick is a great person to talk to, and if he doesn’t have my answer, he knows the person that does. For your legal needs, you can consider Patrick one of the most important contacts you will ever need.Ending quote

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Adam Sheldon

Bionic Trader Systems, LLC