Client Review: Hemmant Jha

Design Director; IA Collaborative

Starting quoteIn my career as architect, industrial designer, entrepreneur, design consultant and educator, I have had opportunity to work with many experts in the field of intellectual property. I can safely say that there are many attorneys out there who are trained to write and file patents and trademarks. But you will quickly realize that the real value in a patent or a trademark lies in what you do with it, and this is where most IP attorney experiences break down. Patrick is an exception. Rather than simply treating a patent as an isolated object, he has worked with me, and with those I have referred to him, to understand what we hope to achieve with the patent, and provides insights on how to realize its fullest potential. In a world crowded with IP attorneys who simply execute, Patrick executes, plans and helps you strategize. Patrick is an IP Advisor, and I’m delighted to recommend him to you.Ending quote

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Hemmant Jha

Design Director
IA Collaborative