RPL Launches an Updated Website

Richards Patent Law’s new website features an expanded patent and trademark FAQ, client reviews, comprehensive service offerings, and a news section to share even more stories.

Date iconAugust 9, 2016

Today RPL launched an updated version of our website. Among the highlights are an expanded patent and trademark FAQ section, client reviews and stories, more comprehensive service offerings, and a news section where we can communicate even more client stories, RPL news, and features relevant to patents and trademarks.



The RPL FAQ section has been expanded (and continues to expand) to include a growing number of trademark issues, in addition to the robust patent topics that had already been covered. For example, new FAQ page How Do I Register a Trademark? is a comprehensive explanation of the steps in the trademark process, as well as the types of trademarks that can be registered.

Client Reviews

One of the more personally enjoyable additions to the website is our new Client Reviews page in which we have a number of client testimonials as well as more in-depth case studies for some of our clients. Part of the case studies is a set of client stories in the “Behind the Idea” series, including Behind the Idea: Gramovox and Behind the Idea: Everpurse.

 Service Offerings

In this new iteration of the website, there is expanded content around our services offerings. In addition to the details about patents, we have more expanded descriptions of our services related to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and websites. In the coming months, we will further roll out more in depth content about the industries in which we work.

RPL News

Last, but not least, our News section is a place where we can write about: client news including product launches, public appearances, awards, legal victories, etc.; RPL news, including new attorneys, speaking engagements, milestones, etc.; and patent and trademark news, as well as intellectual property references in pop culture. We hope you poke around and read some of what we find most interesting about our field.