Patent Litigation

Offensively or defensively, RPL partners with experienced patent trial attorneys to manage all stages of your patent litigation.

Richards Patent Law works with select litigation firms to handle patent litigation matters of all kinds. Whether helping our clients to assert their right against infringers or defend against accusations of patent infringement, we work with you to find the best litigation and trial counsel for your matter and then provide support to your litigation attorneys while helping you to manage the matter. Our experience can help you determine an appropriate strategy for your litigation matters, find the appropriate litigation team, and understand the process as you proceed. In addition to traditional hourly based litigation services, Richards Patent Law engages with clients in select matters to manage contingency patent litigation.

Contingency Litigation

In select matters, Richards Patent Law assists clients in patent enforcement and patent litigation on a contingency basis. When engaged in litigation matters, Richards Patent Law teams up with respected litigation firms to provide a greater scope of expertise and a wider range of support. By working together with experienced litigation firms, Richards Patent Law can provide our clients an enforcement and litigation team with significant patent experience, thoughtful strategic approaches, and an even stronger, deeper team of attorneys to represent you.

Contingency patent litigation is a unique opportunity for patent owners to enforce their patent rights without incurring the major expenses of patent litigation. By sharing in the fees recovered if the case is successful, the patent owner is relieved of the legal fees that would otherwise be charged by the attorneys.

In addition, the alignment of the interests between the patent owner and the legal team helps alleviate the tension that otherwise exists when the legal team is being paid hourly for their work. It is easier to know that all parties are on the same page when everyone’s economic interests are based on the success of the case.

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