Maintenance and Enforcement

Patent monetization requires maintenance and enforcement. RPL protects issued patent rights to be asserted against infringers.

Once your patent has issued, Richards Patent Law can help you maintain your patent rights by timely paying maintenance fees and helping you to label your patented products as required by law. RPL can also help you evaluate when to send and how to respond to cease and desist letters.

Maintenance Fees

Once a patent has been issued by the USPTO, patent maintenance fees are due around 4, 8, and 12 years after issuance. Failure to pay a maintenance fee when it is due results in abandonment of the patent. RPL works with clients to manage these deadlines and payments.


In order to collect damages from infringers, a patent owner must provide adequate notice to consumers that its products are patented. Products must be labeled with the appropriate phrasing depending on the status of the application and potential changes in the related patent portfolio. RPL can help you determine the best strategy for marking your products.

Cease and Desist Letters

Cease and desist letters are sent to warn competitors of a patent owner’s potential enforcement of rights if infringing activity is not stopped. While cease and desist letters may lead to litigation, they can also result in cooperative relationships and licensing negotiations or be sent merely as an intimidation tactic. RPL can advise you on whether to send cease and desist letters based on your specific circumstances. We can also help you evaluate your options in responding to cease and desist letters.

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