Trademarks are the names, logos, and taglines that protect your company's brand. RPL helps you protect your trademarks globally.

Trademarks are the names, logos, and tag lines that consumers use to identify your goods and services. A strong trademark quickly and easily identifies your unique business to your customers. Over the life of a business, trademarks are often the most valuable intellectual property assets. Protecting your trademark is an important step in establishing your brand. We can help you find the right trademarks for your business that avoid infringing others’ rights and help you establish strong rights yourself.

We assist clients in registering and maintaining U.S. trademarks with the USPTO. We also coordinate international trademarks through our relationships with foreign trademark counsel. Our other trademark services extend to all aspects of protection and enforcement, from managing trademark disputes in court and at the USPTO, to negotiating trademark licenses and other agreements, to helping clients evaluate their trademark strategies.

Whether you are a potential client, or an attorney who needs help on a trademark-related matter, we will be happy to assist you.

Trademark Services

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