Client Review: Chris Heddon

Owner and Co-founder; Resonance Medical Technologies

Starting quoteWhen I decided that it was time to file my patent, I chose to consult Patrick first because his website articulated the vision of what I wanted my ideal patent attorney to be. As an outsider to the world of intellectual property, I had no other basis on which to make that decision. To my delight, he was able to assimilate the complex mechanical and anatomic details of my medical device during our initial consultation. Now a year and a half later I can further say that Patrick’s drive, integrity, and passion for his craft are evident in every interaction that I have had with him – without exception. I have had the opportunity to network with a number of Patrick’s other clients since I filed with him, and whether they are newbie’s like myself or seasoned businessmen, we all have the same admiration of Patrick’s approach to our unique problems. What makes Patrick special is that he combines creativity and enthusiasm with a knowledge of the world of IP that is as detailed as it is vast. If this is your first time filing a patent, I can assure you that this journey will be both difficult and exhilarating, but Patrick will be there for you every step of the way. If this is your 50th patent, Patrick will suggest practical improvements to your IP strategy that will make you wish that you had hired him earlier. There is simply no better person to take your next big idea to.Ending quote

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Chris Heddon

Owner and Co-founder
Resonance Medical Technologies