Intellectual Property Attorneys

Patent Attorney and IP Strategist

A successful IP strategy requires more than simply filing patent and trademark applications for your products and services. You will benefit from my thoughtful and strategic perspectives. Learn more about my unique approach.

The Patent Process

Do you have questions about the patent process? Is your invention patentable? How much do patents cost? How long will it take to get a patent? I have prepared answers to the most common questions I receive in my FAQ section.

Client Successes

I really enjoy contributing to my clients' success and I am excited to share their stories with you. Learn more about the ways I have helped my clients with their unique products and businesses.

A Better Service Model

You invented a better mousetrap; I invented a better law firm. My fixed fee billing is better for both the attorney and client. Schedule an appointment to speak with me about your business and the steps necessary to protect your intellectual property rights.