Trademark Enforcement

The strength of your trademark depends on how well you enforce it against conflicting marks. RPL polices your brand and resolves confusion issues.

Exclusive trademark rights give users the legal support for their trademarks, but enforcement action is sometimes still necessary to ensure that others do not use infringing marks. For that reason, trademark holders may need to send cease & desist letters, oppose trademark applications, or simply negotiate around a potential conflict with other trademark applicants.

RPL has experience handling enforcement matters from the initial letter to the signing of a settlement agreement. We make it our goal to achieve successful solutions without protracted legal battles. However, sometimes sending a letter can lead to litigation. We counsel our clients on the consequences of taking enforcement action and help them to make informed decisions.

In addition to handling enforcement matters, RPL can also monitor trademark applications for registration to make sure that your rights are not being eroded by the registration of confusingly similar marks.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our trademark enforcement services.

Trademark Services

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