Trademark Searches and Opinions

Trademark searches and opinions help you gather information and inform your decision for your matters. Quality searches and reliable analysis matters.

Trademark searches and opinions can help your navigate trademark law and arrive at the best trademark options for your company.

Some of the biggest trademark challenges have to do with the nature of the mark itself. Issues such as descriptiveness can put a stop to branding strategies before the mark is even in use. Our trademark counseling helps clients to identify the issues with trademarks that can act as in impediment to strong rights.

Trademark searches address another significant potential issue – the possibility that the mark you wish to pursue or one that is confusingly similar to it is already in use by another user. Trademark searches provide us with a full picture of other trademark users, from federal registrants to state registrants to common law trademark users. This helps us to assess the potential risk of using your mark.

But the value of a search is not just for clearance opinions. An otherwise non-conflicting mark may be nonetheless problematic because it exists in a crowded field of similar marks. A trademark search helps us to identify how strong your mark may be. And even after a mark has been decided on and registered, the results of a trademark search remain valuable as a reference point for the mark’s position in the market. This allows us to create effective enforcement strategies against other users.

RPL can assist you with trademark counseling and searching. Please contact to find out more about our trademark searches and opinions.

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