PCT Patent Applications

A PCT application sets an international priority date for your patent and buys you time to determine in which countries you will pursue protection.

PCT Patents, or Patent Cooperation Treaty Patents, are patent applications filed to secure the inventor’s rights to file for patent applications in industrialized countries across the globe. Richards Patent Law serves clients both in filing PCT patent applications based on US inventions, as well as filing US Patents based on internationally filed PCT Patent Applications.

For US inventors, PCT applications can be used to file for patent protection outside of the US. While an individual national patent application must be pursued before patent protection is secured in a given country, the PCT process provides a framework and a timeline through which much of the process can be streamlined and many of the costs can be postponed.

For inventors based outside of the US, national stage filings based on PCT applications can secure the rights in your invention in the US, providing strong protection in an important marketplace.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about filing PCT patent applications or would like us to file a national stage US patent application based on your PCT patent application.

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